The Ultimate Interview on What You Eat and Why You’ve Been Programmed to Eat It
June 24, 2017

If you ever needed the motivation to stop eating processed and junk food, Dr. Robert Lustig is happy to give you the facts that will scare the sugar out of your diet. Listen in as this renowned neuroendocrinologist reveals to Gabby and Neil just how much the food industry has made us addicts to food that is killing us. As he puts it, “the corporations have hacked our bodies and diets.”
Learn Dr. Lustig’s tips on what you can do to recognize where sugar is slithering into foods that most people think of as “healthy.” And find out his answer on who to trust when it comes to healthy-eating advice. Have a notepad ready, because there are plenty of takeaways. This interview will change the way you eat forever.

A Few of Dr. Lustig’s Health Tips
Significantly cut down on sugar: it creates liver fat, causes wrinkles, and stimulates the reward center in your brain (continuing your craving).
Don’t use Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine whether you are in good health or not. Waist circumference is a better measurement.

Fiber is the stealth nutrient, so be sure to eat more of it—and eating your fiber is better than juicing.

Even if you look and feel physically fit, a high-sugar and low-fiber diet is certain to give you fatty liver disease.

And practice Dr. Lustig’s four C’s:

Connect with people—empathy is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Contribute to something bigger than you.

Cope: Get consistent sleep, practice mindfulness, and routinely exercise.

Cook for yourself, your family, and friends. This way, you know what is in your diet.